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in Dubai and UAE”

Waterproofing coating can be applied on all sheet joints, center joints, screws or any possible leak areas.

Roof Gutters should be properly waterproof. Cutting off extra sheet length, enough drain outlets should be maintained while doing Gutter Waterproofing.

There are several numerous benefits of coating over torch applied membrane. Easily to apply, environmentally friendly and saving of electricity bill.

Polyurethane Injection waterproofing can be done in Basements. Tanks, Swimming Pool leaks, Elevator Pit etc.

Peeling of paint and moisture in the wall is a common problem. Repainting will not solve if moistures are not treated properly.

Interior or Exterior painting can be done in High rise buildings, Villa’s, offices, malls etc. Whether it’s a new or existing building, we do all kinds of painting work.

Road Surface Marking like Arrows, Parking Lines, Handicap Signs, Kerb Stones etc can be applied on any surface, whether it is Interlock or concrete.

We repair and waterproof all kind of Expansion Joints and fix  Aluminium covers on it. It can be found anywhere inside buildings, roofs, parking lots etc.

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