How to repair peeling wall?


We all know that a wall with peeling paint is the most unsightly mess and it can lower the attractiveness of your home. A damp wall can also cause severe health issues including breathing problems, mold and fungal growth etc.

According to dampness specialists, peeling of paint occurs due to the loss of adhesion between the paint and the surface it’s placed on. 

Water is the primary reason behind loss of adhesion in bathroom ceiling and exterior walls. When the water penetrates through the coats of paint, it detaches the layers from the surface resulting in bulging, cracking, and finally, peeling.


But from where exactly is water leaking and flowing down causing damage to the paint layers? 

A leaking roof, gutter, flashing, or soffit can be the potential leakage source of water leakage. Waterproofing roof, gutters and splashing is a must especially in a country like the United Arab Emirates. 

During hot weather, the daytime temperature can rise as high as 45C to 50C, and the temperature of the roof shoots up between 70-80C. But at night, when the weather becomes cold, the temperature of the roof comes down to between 20-25C. The sudden drop in temperature makes screws, joints, roofing sheets and other areas to be affected by shifting them out of joint, thus leading to leakages. Also the Rain and sandstorms make dirt gather and block the gutters.

The permeable nature of the wall allows water to penetrate to the inner surface, or even from splashes of water in the washroom. In poorly ventilated buildings, high humidity also creates moisture in the wall leading to bulging of coatings. 

This environment makes the ambient space for mold, fungal growth and other lung diseases. Being one of the best waterproofing and dampness specialists in the UAE, we will identify the root cause of water leakage and fix your damp wall instantly. Contact us today and our expert will be at your service at any time.

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