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Protect your roof during the rainy season in the UAE

Winter is just around the corner!!

Winter is just around the corner!! The winter is just around the corner. And we are always looking for an excuse to get excited for winter after the scorching summer. But you must be geared up to secure your home from water damage as along with winter, it comes to the copious amounts of rainfalls [...]

Basement Waterproofing

Basement Waterproofing Are you trying to figure out how to cure a wet or musty basement? When the water accumulates around the foundation, hydrostatic pressure builds up and causes the basement to leak. Water pushes its way inside through any cracks or joints and the pores in concrete. Water penetrates the pores in concrete, dissolves [...]

Concrete Tank Waterproofing

Concrete Tank Waterproofing Concrete water tanks are prone to water leakage if the tanks are badly constructed, or simply not properly waterproofed. It is difficult to pin point the exact location of the leakage. The Water travels through the smallest capillaries, and can be visible or drip through a part of the structure, when in [...]
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