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Why I should waterproof my bathroom?

"Why I should waterproof my bathroom?" Designer bathrooms are gradually being the trend in construction. Right from choosing the wall tiles, bathtubs, washbasins, so much thought process goes into designing your dream bathroom. But what about waterproofing your bathroom? This is something very critical and should not be overlooked. Wet areas are spaces that are [...]

Peeling Paint? How do I repair the Peeling Wall

We all know that a wall with peeling paint is the most unsightly mess and it can lower the attractiveness of your home. A damp wall can also cause severe health issues including breathing problems, mold, and fungal growth etc. According to dampness specialists, the peeling of paint occurs due to the loss of adhesion [...]

Bathroom Waterproofing

Bathroom Waterproofing Bathrooms are one of the spaces that are constantly exposed to water and moisture. The surfaces will be wet and damp perpetually. The water vapour will damage all exposed objects. Waterproofing the bathroom should be a primary concern while construction. A bathroom requires adequate waterproofing and sufficient ventilation to keep the air as [...]
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